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Ryan Reynolds
5' 5" 
155 lbs
Hometown: The Island
Signature Move: Reverse DDT
Finisher: The RockAway

Favorite Quote:"Don't Get In My Way Or Else There Will Be A Big Problem"

        The Questmaster
        5' 11" 
        204 lbs
        Hometown: Italy
        Signature Move: Neckbreaker
        Finisher: Knockout Punch


Ronnie Wiggins
5' 6" 
215 lbs
Hometown: Brunswick
Signature Move: Belly Flop
Finisher: The Big Tymer

Favorite Quote:"After I'm Done With You You'll Have 3 Shoes, 2 On Your Feet And One Up Your Ass"

Terrible T.J.
6' 3" 
270 lbs
Hometown: Green Island, NY
Signature Move: Big Leg Drop 
Finisher: Full Nelson Slam