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5' 11" 
165 lbs
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Signature Move: Stankdawg 
Finisher: Leg Drop
Music: We're Not Gonna Take It

Favorite Quote: "U Want Me To Beat You In The Head With A Stick ?" 

Mr. KickAss 
6' 0" 
192 lbs
Hometown: Cohoes, NY
Signature Move: Gutwrench 
Finisher: Tombstone
Music: Last Resort


Favorite Quote: "When You Step In The Ring With Me The Name Says It All."


  Wigger Boy 
  5' 8" 
  152 lbs
  Hometown: Cohoes, NY
  Signature Move: Slingshot 
  Finisher: Dynamite DDT 
  Music: Somebody, Someone 


Favorite Quote: "In An Ass Kicking Contest, I Never Lose!"


Justin Sane
5' 8" 
167 lbs
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Signature Move: Giant DDT
Finisher: Figure 4
Music: Down With The Sickness

Favorite Quote:"I Take Hardcore To Another Level So Get Ready For The Beating Of Your Life!"

5' 6" 
130 lbs
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Signature Move: Neckbreaker
Finisher: Diamond Dust
Music: Sick Of Life                                                      

Favorite Quote: "It's My Time Bitch" 

The Man Beast Bill Schady

6' 1"
218 lbs
Hometown: Latham, NY
Signature Move: Bearhug 
Finisher: Spinebuster  
Music: Slim Shady

Favorite Quote:"Look At Me Now Look At You, It's Like David Vs Goliath"